Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow !!!!&^%$

Well now----did I say I lived in Michigan, did I explain that "lake effect" snow thing??? Went to bed at midnight got up at 6:45 am to a winter wonderland--great just great !!! There is 14 in.
of snow, it is STILL snowing and we are being told that we should expect ANOTHER 6 - 12 in.
before it stops. Of course, that is just today. On Friday night-same thing and on Monday night same old same old. The husband-person is snowblowing because he says if he waits until it stops snowing it will be to deep to snowblow. MY humble thought was so wait inside (warm, dry, TV working) for spring and let it melt. But we all know that men are from a very different world.

So at this time, I (warm and dry) am checking email, blogs (thank my darling daughter) and will start to cross-stitch (under a nice warm blanket) !!

I do feel sorry for that folks that arn't done xmas shopping and need to get out in this weather.
And the people that have to go to work. I am lucky to not be working (that retirement thing).
Bad thing is that I have this wall-to-wall huband (in english that means HE is also retired)
I think he needs a parttime job--HE thinks he's just fine. Guess who is right !!!!!

Have snowy but warm day.


Kiy said...

Hahaha - I am sure we just had this exact conversation on the phone! I'm telling ya, put that house on the market. Move south.

Me and Emi want to play in the sunshine. (hint hint)

Love you!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Hi Kiy's Mom! Love the blog - I really look forward to seeing your stitching projects.

I was out shopping today and passed by a stitching shop and thought of your and Kiy's trips to purchases supplies and such.

Stay warm!

Magi said...


Just popped over from Kiy's site to say welcome to blog world!

We're in northern Indiana, so I know all about lake-effect. Good luck!

Barbara said...

In North Dakota we're getting dumped on as well. I think the whole country is getting hit. Makes for a picturesque Christmas :)