Thursday, December 4, 2008

First try

I just found this-my first try to blog and while I have since learned how to blog there are these thoughts in this blog that came start from my heart and I would like people to see them so going to post this and hope that you understand that this was a very first try.

We set up our Xmas tree yesterday and while is seems so early I just looked at the calender and realized that Xmas is three weeks from today. Now, just how did that happen. So I have to get my box ready to mail to my daughter, her very nice husband and my darling granddaughter.

Emi--how do you explain the light in the very room that you are in. All grandchildren are the light of a grandparents life but Emi is so special. She was much wanted and waited for by my daughter, Kimberly. The trip to adopt Emi had so many ups and downs that I give my daughter so many love-pats for her patience. Since they live almost a county away (Michigan to Washington state) I don't get the everyday hands on but she is so special and so loved. Might be good that I am a little ways away.....could do that spoil thing real easy.

OK, I have tried this blogger thing....someday I will put pics of some of my cross count projects on in case anyone is interested. Thanks for the understanding and patience as I try this new endevor.

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