Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve


Here in the winter wonderland of Michigan there is NO dreaming of a white xmas. We have it in full and very deep force. The husband-person did that snow blowing thingy three times yesterday and already once this morning. I think he just likes playing with the motor toy. You know that "the only difference between men and boys are the price of their toys!!!"-- MEN.

I am one of those women that just knows the only reason I have a kitchen in my house is because it came with the house (couldn't explain to the builder that this was not a room that was needed) so when I talk about that eight letter work (cooking) the earth kinda sifts to one side.
I am a sucker for little kids and fundraisers. Something I would never buy in a store I will buy five of from the kids next door (could be those big brown eyes). Anyway, a few week ago they were selling frozen coffeecakes. You get them (keep them frozen until ready to use)--get them out the night before you want to eat them, set them on the counter (if you have a kitchen) and when you wake up it have doubled in size, put in oven and 25 mins. later--warm baked flaky fruit coffeecake. This was heaven in a dish. Picture: me sitting the the counter with arms rapped around the coffeecake so the husband-person (the one outside in -9 wind chill snowblowing) couldn't eat my coffeecake. OK OK I did share but not happy about it.

Now the catch is that they only do fundraising so the reason I'm telling you this is that in case you are looking for a fundraiser for you school etc. this would be a good one. They were $10 each I got 3 and next year the husband-person wants 10 (ya, that's going the happen). I did a "look-up" and I might be able (after the holidays) to order some from the local dealer. Anyway the
website is :

With my precious granddaughter in Washington (along with the wonderful daughter and son-in-law) we will be alone for xmas so going to sit and watch mind numbing TV and x-count. After years of hosting 20 plus family members for the holidays this seems kinda nice.

Have a warm-white and Merry Christmas


Gina (Caleeo) said...

LOL very funny post. You are a great writer - I look forward to more.

Yeah, butter braids rock.

Merry Christmas!

Kiy said...

I notice there were no butter braids in the Christmas box that was sent here! Hmmmph!

Enjoy the peace and quiet, after all those years of the entire family descending on you, you deserve it! Ahh, the thought of cozying in with a few adult (read: non-cartoon) movies (NOT X rated!) and my stitching. Yuuuum. Perfect way to spend the day.

Love you!