Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What--Snow !!

Well, it's a good winter white morning. OK, it's Michigan and snowing so the best part of this is that I can sit back and do some more x-stitching. OH, I know that I could clean house, do laundry and start that spring cleaning issue thing in my kitchen cupboards but----it's snowing and cold outside so can't work. Listen-my story - going to stick to it.

In one of my idea-flashes (gotta stop drinking first thing in the morning) I decided to make myself a "holiday tree". I found the most darling dowel tree and decided to make a set of Halloween ornaments. Sounded good...than said to me....can't do one for yourself without doing one for the daughter-person and the granddaughter (didn't even factor in the grand-pup). So ordered two dowel trees. Off of stitch..got the Halloween ornaments done, started (and finished) the thanksgiving and x-mas ornaments. Very busy patting me on the back when I went into a store (this in December!!!) and saw the valentine's going up--OK that was not going to happen this year BUT I now have the Easter ones done. Have to make them into hangers and ship them to daughter and little-bit. The daughter-person has come up with ALL sorts of ideas for holidays. I can live with valentine day, birthday, even a "summer-fall-spring" thing but she is making up holidays as she goes along (of course, to her credit she does say "no real pressure, MOM--when will you be mailing them" ) :)
Had planned to put the pics at the end of this but since I figured this out all by MYSELF without a call to the daughter (ok-so it's 4am in her world -she should be awake when I need her) this is as good as it "gits"
Off to stitch----

So thought I would share my "trees" with you. They were a joy to make and my "idea-flash" is to add a few each year so that as little-bit gets older she can pick out the ones to display on the tree each holiday. NOW--if there is justice in the world--SHE will want them all on the tree and the daughter-person can try to deal with THAT. That accorn/falling thing. tehe tehe.


Kiy said...

HaHa! And, btw, Flag Day is a REAL holiday! And I'm sure Snickerdoodle Day is a holiday somewhere. ;)

Also, I am quite impressed that (a) you posted those pictures all by yourself and (b) more importantly you didn't call at 4am. Jeff thanks you as I don't answer the phone at that time of day. (halo smilie)

Love you!

P.S. Emi wants to know where the birthday cake, balloons and candle hangers for the tree are! (But, um, no pressure, Grandma.) :)

Lythrum said...

I'm sure that most days there probably are many things I should do, but crafting is always a better one. Okay, well eating is probably important but still.... :)