Sunday, January 4, 2009

After New Years Day !!!

It's over---the tree is down, the house is back in order, the holidays are over !!! I always enjoy
putting the tree up and like to see it when it is on but 3 1/2 minutes after xmas I want my house back in it's usual shape. The outside lights are mostly down. The husband-person loves to put up outside lights and as long as I don't have to go outside in the freezing cold to help--I can say knock-your-socks-off.

Along with x-counting my next love is reading. I am a mystery reader, would not occur to me to pick up a romantic novel. One of my fav's is Janet Evanovich for lighter-type reading. I also use books on tape to walk (doesn't make exercising any easier just gives me a reason to make me do it). So, ran out of books on tape, forgot to order any from my wonderful library which forced me to go into the depths of the library and actually look for a book on tape. Found a stand alone Janet Evanovick book "Wife of Hire". Would never have picked it up because it is a romance but---I was desperate. This it a funny book, laughing out loud in the basement familyroom while all by yourself is cause to send in the little men in white with the large butterfly net. Still a good-time type of read. Now, picture this sixty-something Grand-Bag walking away on her treadmill (arms a flapping-heart rate up, etc) starting to laugh so hard she almost flys off the back of her treadmill------NOT a pretty sight. But better than if I was walking outside and started laughing-----they would have sent LARGE butterfly nets.

Was busy telling "me" that I was done with xmas, got everything done that have to be done and ran into a store to get a few things before New Years Day (it's that *&^ cooking thing again) and they were putting up valentine things !!! We need a few days to say " HEY, WE MANAGE XMAS AND SURVIVED !!!

It's Michigan: had 20 inches of snow-it's gone--it's back--gone again and now we are have freezing rain and the snow will be falling on top of that in a few hours. The good part of retirement it that I don't have to leave the house. OK--the husband-person doesn't either but the important thing it that I don't have to.

Have a good-warm day Grand-Bag


Gina (Caleeo) said...

I have recently become obsessed with Janet Evanovich - I finished 13 yesterday and am waiting for 14 to arrive.

Stay warm!

Kiy said...

Well, the tree is 'mostly down. But the fact that it's this close to be un-Christmas in our house and it isn't close to Easter is a big deal, right? Actually, I bet I get it down tomorrow. I just need Jeff to go back to work! I loved having him home, but oh, it's time. (insert halo smilie)

Love you!

Kiy said...

Because I love you and feel the need to make you do things that you'd never done before ... you've been tagged!

Trust me, it's fun. And this is an easy one.

Love you!